I'm introductioning myself now

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my favorite creative contribution to Cresnov so far, the competitive roleplaying extravaganza known as Umbra Rumble.
I will check the thinks mentioned.
I started reading the Umbra Rumble now,
at this point I'm after the first Rumble finished.
Maybe I'll share more thoughts later.
Now I'll just say that it's remarkable how similar the contestants were, in both pairs.
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Continuing with Umbra Rumble reading, I'm now after Rumble 2.
Some thoughts:

The deathmatch taking place in a match factory.
A place well matching the theme :)

Interesting to see the effect of death redefined already during first rumble.
We should have expected death
after all, it's right in the name "deathmatch".
(spell check wants to "fix" this to "deathwatch". No, my dear spellcheck, that's what the audience is doing)
And it's just some made up story game
so we shouldn't get bothered by any deaths here
but somehow if you get involved in narrating
reality is different.

Impressed by the storytelling.
You had to take input from the players
which is unpredictable
and then in limited time convert it to some narration,
in a way which aggrees with the provided info and rules and is interesting and entertaining.
Good narration is already a challenge without these additionalities.

I like the use of language, words & stuff.
At this point you probably noticed
(especially after I explicitly pointed it out in this thread)
that while I'm communicating in English here,
it is not my primary language.
I feel increasingly more comfortable with English,
and I feel that I'm communicating rather successfully,
but this level of narration is above what I can comfortably do,
so I can appreciate someone who does this.

This makes me realise that while I'm reading much English written text,
I"m not really reading many stories in English,
and being exposed to more English language narration could help me grow in this area too.

(...and I wrote all that even though I am doing some narration in my story-shaped-thing,
but there I'm in total control what I write (and draw, etc.) and how much time I take to do this,
so I could do it in such way that maximises all good aspect of it)

Impressed by roleplay.
This requires multiple skills and talents from all players to work well:
come up with ideas
deimon design
creativity in usage of deimon design, skills & powers; oponents and scenery
improvisation, reaction to other players' action, narration.
and it worked well.

If a rumble game was ongoing now
I would most likely not decide to join as a player
for multiple reasons
but I can appreciate those who do.

Reading what happened so far makes me want to continue and discover more.
but not everything at once,
maybe I will read some more pages today, but the entire thread is going to take more days.

Pictures are in reduced color palettes, most have only 4 colors.
(there is actually a meaning behind color palette choice for the frames)
Some frames are animated, but the animation sometimes might start after a few seconds.
created by:
  • Drawing on A4 sheets of paper folded into 15 equal rectangles where 1 rectangle usually corresponds to 1 frame but not always.
  • scanning at 200lpi resolution
  • reducing the scan to a chosen color palette
  • editing the final outcome in Gimp
after watching the recent youtube stream of Fairy Foxes
I realised how much my process of making the frames which are animated
is different from what I have seen on stream

On one hand I'm doing it in what was called hard mode,
that is drawing on paper and scanning and producing the final result from this scan,
but on other hand I'm doing lot of reduction, reuse, simplification and other optimisation,
(almost never does one drawing correspond to 1 frame of animation)
to achieve maximal outcome without requiring too much effort.

This made me think
that if I find this difference interesting
maybe others will too.
At this moment I have finished drawings which after scanning I can use to produce my pages (of frames or whatever you call them) 593 - 621.
So I thought
that maybe this time I could make a screen recording of this process
or maybe even a livestream?
But then I think that with the current total audience of the story being probably countable on fingers (and maybe toes?) (unless there are lurkers I know nothing about) then it's not very likely that there would be someone wanting to actually watch that.
For now I keep the thought in my mind,
will decide later.
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Continuing my self introduction I will now reveal something about myself that you didn't know before.
Have you heard about this thing called dysgraphia?
That's what I have.
Or that's what they diagnosed I have when I was still in early years of school. (and then repeated some years later)
I don't remember exact detail of what triggered the investigation of this topic.
Ok, so what does it mean?
Hand writing is problematic.
It is possible to write, but the problem is this:
If I want to write at any reasonable speed, it will be not very readable.
If I try to write fast, it will be even more challenging to read.
If I want to write a more readable text it has to be done slowly and carefully.
(but at this point I would say that it is no longer writing the text but more like drawing the text - and drawing seems to be ok)
Also hand is getting tired.
If I try to write fast AND readably, hand gets tired very quickly.
Anyway over the years I got better at writing and it's more comparable to normal bad handwriting now.

Normally, I don't mention this to people, and it's already some years since I last time touched this topic.
Not because it's a secret or something like that (it is not) but because there is no good reason for doing this
  • these times, when you are not in school any more, handwriting is not so important anyway. so it's not a big topic
  • I would prefer this to not define how people see me, but instead know me from other aspects, as this is just a small part about me
  • there isn't any outcome achievable by this so no point anyway
  • sometimes people would not believe that this is a real thing, (even I heard that I'm just making an excuse for not learning to write properly or to "have it easy at school" by "special treatment"). And I don't need such confrontation for anything
    (also, only special treatment I got was at some first years at school I was allowed to have a bit more time on written exams which would make some sense, but somehow always finished on time anyway, also I was not forced to write with an actual ink pen which is good because at that time I was destroying my pens very quickly. Ironically, these days I very much prefer ink pens)
So why I write this now?
Not entirely sure, maybe I just wanted to share it and I feel comfortable enough here to do it. Also you already had some opportunity to know something about me by what I do and write here.

Unrelated to all this:
earlier today I had repeating digits in my numbers of posts and likes:
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My self-introduction doesn't seem to stop continuing.
I probably already mentioned that I like word games and other language tricks.

Now I will randomly introduce a fact about myself and one such thing.

In Polish the "H" sound can be written as "H" or "CH" depending on which word it is.
In English the "H" and "CH" are completely different things.
One day, one of my cousins, learning English, asked me about how some word is in English.
I answered.
That word had "H" in it.
He asked if he should write it with "H" or "CH".
I found that incredibly funny as he was essentially asking which Polish orthography rule applies to this English word.
So now I like noticing pairs of words in English, which differ just by this,
hair -> chair,
path ->patch,
heater -> cheater,
and so on.
Now when reading English text I like to change the words for fun.
So for example, I read the thread topic "A Harmless Old Woman" as "A Charmless Old Woman",

Another word thing I like
is looking for pairs of words,
in Polish,
which are made of parts which are opposite,
but the whole words are not.

"załatwić" & "zatrudnić"
have meanings not related to each other
("arrange/organise/sort out/get done" & "hire")
while their parts
"łatwy" & "trudny"
are opposites
(easy & difficult)

"ulewa" (heavy rain) & "uprawa" (cultivation)
"lewa" & "prawa" are feminine forms of "left" and "right".

and so on.
I really like noticing such pairs of words.


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Another word thing I like
is looking for pairs of words,
in Polish,
which are made of parts which are opposite,
but the whole words are not.
@Avidro and I tried to find English words like this after I told him about your post

It was pretty hard...

The best we got was Avidro's hot / cold / shot / scold

He also came up with man / woman / postman / postwoman, but I don't think that exactly follows the spirit of the game

Then we had a lot of fun coming up with stupid answers, like:
dog / cat / hotdog / hotcat
live / die / olive / odie
elf / dwarf / shelf / shdwarf
room / yard / mushroom / mushyard
light / dark / delight / dedark


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CHANT ...hant??? couldn't, uh... chouldn't....
Clear... ch...lear... yeah I'm bad at this

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It was pretty hard...
It is hard.
That's why I said that I like noticing such words,
and not actively looking for them on demand.

If I encounter a word and I notice what it is constructed from
I might try inverting one of the parts and see if that gives me a valid word.

Another interesting word thing,
this time happening accidentally:

If see some written text for a very short time
which is too short to be able to properly read it
I just manage to notice some of the letters
not necessarily in correct places
and the brain tries to autocomplete the rest
it can give funny results

Recently when I was shopping
I saw some school items being sold
On an eraser, it was written
"nie brudzi papieru" (doesn't stain the paper)
but i saw it for a very short time and I read it as
"nie pierdzi na biurku" (doesn't fart on the desk)

Other time, it was election time
and while cycling I noticed a poster for one of the candidates
I misread his name as "wygłodniejesz"
which means something like "you'll get really hungry".

but I don't think that exactly follows the spirit of the game
I will not force you to play word games in a particular specific way,
I will not prevent you from having fun the way you like it.
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