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The goal of this community is to be a friendly and welcoming one with quality discussions, and the rules below are ones made to help achieve that aim.

  1. Be respectful to everyone. Even if you disagree with someone, please stay polite in your interactions with them. Do not post messages intended to inflame, insult, or offend others. Even if that is not your intention, messages that evoke those responses are subject to removal. Posts that jokingly insult other members are ONLY allowed on the Roleplay subforum. (RP policy here.)
  2. Users as young as 13 are allowed on these forums, so please keep adult or objectionable (NSFW) content off this site.
  3. Keep your posts and forum actions meaningful. Do not spam or purposefully try to be annoying. Do not abuse the "like" system to pointlessly inflate "likes received" counts. Do not flood another user's alert box or inbox. Do not use excessive "zalgo text" that obscures posts, buttons, or post info.
  4. Don't ask for money or donations. There's no way for the mod team to verify that charity cases are legitimate, and therefore--to prevent forum users from being scammed--no cases are allowed.
If you ever see someone breaking the rules or you feel uncomfortable, please alert an admin or moderator by reporting the post or conversation in question. If you want to try and correct the situation on your own, you MUST adhere to rule #1.

Other information:

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