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Looks like the recent election event influenced my subconscious mind or something.

So in this dream I'm sent to the parliament building.
some of the newly elected politicians couldn't be bothered to travel to the capital
because this takes too much time and effort
and so they looked for someone to go there instead.
And somehow I got tricked and had to go there.

Ok, so I'm in the building and some official inauguration event is supposed to start.
Of course, it has to start with a group photo in a big hallway.
But all the people don't care about the photo,
keep chatting with each other,
walking around,
and not even looking at the poor photographer guy or listening to him.
And it's alfeady 4:20 PM, so we're 20 minutes late.

I look at the crowd and I notice multiple people I know,
some colleagues from school, for example.
Everyone is chatting
I hear things like

Oh hi,
nice too meet you in the structures of power,
what a coincidence,
in which party are you?

and stuff like that.

Suddenly I notice one of my friends from school.
Immediately I know
he cannot notice me.
No matter what I say he will judge me.

And even worse, I have no idea which political party I'm supposed to represent.
All these guys kept saying such cool party names which I never heard before.
I try to hide behind the crowd so that I'm not seen on the photo and I'm not noticed by him.

Then I turn around and start walking through the hallways.
Empty hallways, because everyone else is in the place I just left.
I end up in an underground level under the big parliament room.
I enter the room through a door on the low level.

I notice that the seats are green for some reason,
and that the seats near the door suck, because I cannot see almost anything from there.
I hope that my seat is in a better place.
But it's too late because I already touched a seat and now it's mine.

At least I can hear everything from here
because the acoustics are great.
Ok I can sit here and hear all the stuff I can't see.

A guy who was probably cleaning there
appears out of nowhere and tells me
to stop thinking such silly things
because the room has such great acoustics
that you can hear even the things which I don't say out loud.
Likes received
I wake up at 6:30,
but want to stay in bed for a bit.
I think
ok I should leave bed it's probably half hour later already
instead of looking at the clock I half imagine half dream looking at the clock and seeing 7:00.
I think
wow I'm so good at this!
I get up,
on the way to the toilet I actually look at the clock.
it IS exactly 7:00.
So I AM good at this after all.