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I think we just need a thread dedicated to the odd things our brains do at night against our will. Spooky dreams, dreams with weirdly deep lore, dreams that feel like a team of 73 caffeinated 5-year-olds all took turns writing a bit... whatever it is, put it here so the rest of us can enjoy it too.

For starters: Last night I had a dream where I found my friend working in a Home Depot. Turns out, not only did his mom own the Home Depot we were in, she was also, and I quote, "the inventor of Home Depot." I was very shocked and a little frustrated that he'd withheld that information from me for so long.


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I think I've said it here before, but some time during Esther and mine's talking phase I had a dream I went over to visit her.

I did something that was considered highly illegal in Texas, probably didn't clap before"deep in the heart of Texas", or insulted Buc-ee. As a result, I was banished from the Lone Star State by the King of Texas.
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Here is my dream from 2 years ago. I have it written down so now I can repost it here:

I went out of the building where I work, to go to a bakery.
It was about 15, so early afternoon.
The bakery was at a street in my city.
But not any specific street that I would know.
A generic street.
Buildings on the sides of the street were all next to each other with no spaces between them.
It was quiet, no cars, no people walking.
I noticed a queue before the bakery but then I was relieved when I noticed that the people were waiting not for the bakery but for a gate a bit to the right from it.
Inside the bakery there was also a queue but much smaller.
When I entered the building there was a small square room(?) with another door in front leading to the rest of the building, where people live and an open door on the left leading to the actual bakery.
I went there because I really wanted to buy a croissant with chocolate.
For some reason I thought that this is what I really need.
The bakery was a room not very deep but 3 about times as wide.
The room was divided in 2 parts by the shop counter.
The entrance door was at the very left side of the long wall,
and the left, short wall had a window.
(which makes sense, because after entering the building I had to turn left to enter the bakery - In a dream such logic is not always followed but this time it was)
The right, short wall had a doorframe without a door, leading to another room, probably where the breads and stuff were made.
Some noises could be heard from there but not much.
On the back, long wall there were shelves with stuff to buy.
One woman was selling there.
A strong looking bald guy and 2 or 3 dark haired women were buying before me and talking some unimportant stuff.
At some point they stopped talking and there was an awkward silence.
The woman selling there said
"Nobody buying suddenly or what?"
I said that I'm waiting but I was not sure if it was my turn because of the guy in front of me.
He said something like "I don't only" and left the room.
Before that finished happening, I noticed that she already removed most of the items from the shelves because it was closing time soon.
And there were not many items in the first place, because if you want to get good stuff from the bakery you should come in the morning.
Later, you're left with whatever is left.
She actually used her whole forearm to sweep things from the shelves.
They would fall down, straight into a cardboard box on the floor.
I looked inside the box and noticed that I don't see any croissants there.
I thought that I maybe will try to find a donut or something else that I could like.
She said that I could also look in the other box.
I didn't see any other box.
I asked where it could be.
she said that it's behind me, on the very top.
I looked and in the right corner of the room there was a wooden wardrobe which I haven't seen before.
But on the wardrobe I couldn't see any box either.
"I don't see"
"It is there, just look."
"I still don't see, I don't know."
"You are looking wrong. Look at the top of the wardrobe."
"There is no box."
"Of course there is a box, look. Oh, wait, you are right, there is no box. Where could I have put it?"
And she started looking for it but didn't find it.
I suggested that maybe someone stole it.
In the meantime there were only 2 of us in the room, and a guy in the next room, not seen but making some noise, like hitting something with a hammer but not very loud.
She said "we'll check in a moment"
She took a smartphone and started watching recording from cameras, from some minutes ago.
(recently I heard someone saying that it's strange that we don't see smartphones in our dreams. Well, not any more.
Anyway, most of the time I was not seeing the recordings "in" the phone but just the recording "without" the phone)
I could see myself walking to the bakery.
It's strange that in the recording I was wearing a jacket which I was not wearing when I actually was in the bakery.
(Some dream inconsistency. I don't usually have the possibility to see myself from outside. One of such possibilities is watching my films, and in some of them I was actually wearing that jacket. I think that this is the explanation. Also in the in-dream recording my hair looked like in one of the videos and not like it looks right now. In the dream it didn't seem wrong or strange to me. only now)
I thought that it's cool to see these events again, from an outside perspective.
I went inside the bakery (in the recording) and the queue there was bigger than when I actually was there.
Also I saw some events which I didn't see when I was actually in the queue:
the bald guy in front of me.
He looked annoyed.
Someone suddenly jumped on him from behind.
But the guy quickly caught him, threw him above his head and on the floor in front of him.
He said
"Don't do the... wait, it's you!
Are you crazy or stupid?
Why would you do this?
You know what could happen if it was really the?"
The guy on the floor, laughing a bit: "your quick reaction only shows that you are afraid of something. You have something to hide? You can tell me."
The woman wanted to skip the recording forward, more to the the present.
But she went too far and went through the present, into the future.
There were no recordings from the future, obviously, so the phone showed some strange cartoons instead.
But she didn't watch it.
She went to the next room because the noise coming from there was bothering her.
She talked something with the guy there but I didn't understand their words.
So I was just looking around.
Below the windowsill there was a recess.
A heater can be placed there but there was no heater.
Actually the recess was a bit deeper than the typical thickness of walls, but this didn't seem strange to me.
I noticed there the edge of something probably made of cardboard.
I thought that this maybe is the box that we were looking for and that I should tell her.
I loudly shouted
She said "I'll come in a moment!"

And then suddenly my alarm clock woke me up.
I looked at my room.
And then I felt sorry for the woman in the bakery, that I bothered her with looking for the box and then suddenly left the dream without buying anything.
And then I realised that it's probably silly to worry about not buying a croissant in a dream.
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I don't have any new dreams to remark upon, but I do want to contribute this old thread to this new thread for carryover discussion.


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one time I had a dream I was bobby hill

my main work nightmare from skechers is being at work either before we open, or after we close, but the doors arent locked and customers just keep flooding in


Terezi Rex smells right through your obfuscations
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one time I had a dream I was bobby hill

my main work nightmare from skechers is being at work either before we open, or after we close, but the doors arent locked and customers just keep flooding in


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I dreamed my sister was singing at church but refused to get on stage and wasn't holding the microphone to her face. So nobody could hear her....it was just the instruments. Then she got upset when they didn't know when she finished.

This is entirely inaccurate to real life. Why did I dream this? No idea!


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I had a really nice dream that 5 million copies of the Brick sold overnight and surprised me with a big ca$$$h payday

And millions of new readers to torture entertain
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Dream today:

I'm walking around some shop, looking for things but I don't really know what I'm looking for.
There are not many people there,
One person I keep noticing is a girl I think similar age to me, wearing a big backpack.
She seems familiar but I can't remember where I have seen her before.

At some point I'm looking for some shorts. I find a few hanging on a wall but I don't like them.
Then I find something that looks ok.
I take it in my hands and look closer, admiring the big pockets at the back.

Some guy in a group of guys suddenly standing there says
hey man these are for women.
I say thanks and put them back.

I'm wondering
How did he know?
How did he recognise it?
Was it the colour? The shape?
The pocket placement?
Yeah, it must be the pockets.
I KNEW there is something wrong with them.

Anyway he points me to the correct place.
I go there and find empty walls.
All sold out.
I meet that girl again.
She looks at the empty wall and laughs
What a terrible shop.
I agree and announce that it's time to leave this place.
As we both go to the exit
(well I said that it's time to leave so obviously she is leaving too)
she says
We keep walking into each other.
I say that we are looking for various things in the same shop at the same time so that's expected.

I walk down some stairs and I'm one floor below the shop.
Apparently, the shop was on the highest floor of some tall building.
the floor below is not divided by any walls.
The outer walls of the building form a circle.
All walls are almost completely made of window so you can enjoy the view outside.
I'm standing too far away from the wall in front of me to look down through the window.
And I don't realise that I could just turn around and look through the window behind me.
There isn't one flat floor, but there are circular fragments of different height,
closer to center is lower.

In the center there is a double staircase spiraling down in a double helix shape.
In the middle between both stairs there is a slide which you can use to slide all the way down to the ground floor.
But the slide requires a ticket, and you can only get the ticket on the ground level.
It's not even a ticket just for the slide. It's a ticket to enter one of the places there below and it additionally allows using the slide.
I think that they are loosing so much money by not selling the tickets above to people who are already there and would like to use the slide.
There is nobody checking the tickets but maybe they are checking the tickets below, as people are leaving the slide.

The building also has an elevator, but the elevator shaft ends one floor below to make place for the slide entrance and also apparently because it doesn't fit the aesthetic of that floor.

There are some benches around, placed in such a way that they are useless for enjoying the view outside but they are great for admiring the stairs.
Two women are sitting on one bench looking very bored.

I chose the stairs on the left, walk down half the floor height and realise that these are the wrong stairs.
I go back up and chose the right stairs.
I quickly walk downstairs.

A few floors below the stairs become different.
It's now more like a series of small connected rooms, every next room slightly downstairs from the previous one.
And there are also rooms on the sides so it's possible to take a wrong turn.

At some point I take a wrong turn and get stuck in a small crowd of people standing around and chatting.
As I try to leave the room I think that that at this point the girl with the backpack must be far ahead and I will lose.
(how is this a race suddenly?)

I reach a normal staircase again, this time there is a lot of free space above and around the stairs.
Instead of walking I'm now jumping down the stairs.

In my dreams one commonly recurring theme is that I can do very high jumps very slowly, like in very low gravity.
Then I fall back slowly and a small movement of my feet is enough to make another big slow jump.
So that's how I'm moving down the stairs now.
(It's much slower than walking downstairs)

I walk outside and everything is bright and almost colorless.
I continue jumping around, jumping on buildings
which all have slopes instead of straight vertical walls,
most walls are white, sky around is uniform clear blue.
And now it's suddenly some kind of first person perspective video game.

The goal is to keep jumping and survive as long as possible
because the ground breaks into pieces, there is slowly rising lava going from between the cracks and parts of buildings are falling off.
But even as that's happening the city view is still beautiful.

My youngest sister wants to try the game so I allow her.
As I'm watching her I'm giving her stupid, worthless hints.
She keeps losing and we have to start again.

Bored of watching I start controlling a small RC car and she focuses more on the car than on surviving so we have to restart all the time.

At some point we realise that we could just reenter the big bulding and simply walk to the top and win.
One floor above the ground, the elevator door is open and some armed guards are running out the elevator and up the stairs.
We just watch as they are running, It's an endless stream of running guys.
All the time more guys keep running out of that elevator door at a steady rate.

I'm thinking that I preferred when there was just that girl.
At least, she had a nice backpack.
I'm wondering again where I have seen her before and suddenly I know:
It's the girl from that dream before!
Yes, at this point I'm already aware that the part at the beginning was a dream.
(But I'm not aware that the part right now is also a dream.)

Then my alarm wakes me up.