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Genuinely shocked there isn't already a reading thread, what with how many of us are complete NERDS.

I fell off of reading as much as I used to after high school when I burned myself out for the HSC. I would like to get back into the habit and hopefully an internet thread that lets me share opinions will help me.

This thread won't really have any kind of structure or format aside from "Talk about books", but here's how I will aim to be posting:

Find a book, share title, maybe a photo of the cover, give a quick brief on what I think of it before reading (i.e. judging a book by it's cover), then give (hopefully regular) updates on my progress.

Naturally this means there will be tons of spoilers for the books I or you guys will be reading, but I will be liberally using the spoiler tools on my posts to help curb that somewhat. What I mean to say is, proceed at your own risk.

When I finally finish a book, I will give a paragraph on my thoughts about it, maybe a rating and a recommendation, then move onto the next one.

Please, stop me from writing 1000 word deep dive essays on media.


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The most recent book I read was called The Circle which was basically about "what if Google successfully became a monopolistic global dictator and turned us all into drones" Ooh, in looking for a picture of the cover I found out they made it into film in 2017, I bet they changed the ending!



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This is the book I want to read next because my friend recommended it and said I would enjoy it. Anyone here read it?


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Alright, this seems like an appropriate place to discuss the greatest trilogy I've ever read. The cover of the first book is really cool:

And the story woven across the three books is absolutely brilliant. The premise is initially quite simple: it takes place in a future where humanity has conquered death entirely. However, there's a major issue with this: population control. The remedy is people known as Scythes, who are trained and licensed to kill a specific amount of people every month. They're meant to do so with compassion and remorse. The story follows two teens who are selected as apprentices to a scythe. And that's about all I can say about the story without spoiling anything. It's a dystopian novel, but it doesn't have any of the tropes that show up so often. The conflict isn't all about an unfair, oppressive society or some secret rebellion with a romantic interest for a leader. It starts with a heavy focus on the characters' internal conflicts, then smoothly transitions into political tension and... other things that I can't really discuss without spoilers. Another excellent element of the story is the breadcrumbs. There's foreshadowing for the ending starting the whole way back in book 1. Rereading really enhances the full scope of Shusterman's brilliance, since you see how intricately planned out the entire thing is. I honestly can't recommend this series highly enough. Now, it is a book about killing people, so it does get pretty intense at times, but it's not worse than anything Exvulnerum's thrown at you. At most, it's about equal (which is still pretty bad but y'all can take it).

...I'm honestly trying to write some semblance of a review, but I just love the whole thing so much that I can't even think of any critiques.


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Was reading a book about planting and stuff. Good book. I still don't know anything about plants. Maybe I should stop skimming and actually read it... And then go plant stuff....


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The last few years I've been playing games online so much that my reading has really fallen off. I have a stack of about 20 books in my "to read" pile.

It doesn't help that online games are (mostly) free, while books cost money, but that shouldn't keep me from reading books I already have in my pile!