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    Can you put together the top half of the cover? (click for full size download)
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    Chapter 12 Update Discussion

    We begin a new chapter with quite the mouthful of a title #Exvulnerum590
  3. Zules

    Chapter 11 Update Discussion

    I've read the script for this chapter many times simply for my own entertainment #Exvulnerum548
  4. Zules

    Chapter 10 Update Discussion

    This chapter contains at least one hot dog :cryeat::cryeat::cryeat: #Exvulnerum479
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    Chapter 8 Update Discussion

    We're back to normal updates and I'm so excited!!!! :amberyolo: Here's the first page! #Exvulnerum414
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    Daily Updates February!

    {Old updates discussion thread} Daily updates February is upon us! I'll be uploading the cover and first page in a few short hours. You're encouraged to keep spoiler talk off the main site's comment section, but you can talk spoilers here if you want to! I'm excited to finally start uploading...
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    Update Discussion Thread

    Since some of you guys basically live here, I thought it might be nice to create this thread so that I can alert you to page updates before I post a preview of the next page (because otherwise, the preview is like two pages in the future if you haven't seen the fresh update and that's a little...