1. Avidro

    Umbra Rumble I - IV (Canon Edit)

  2. Avidro

    A Dance of Deimons

    Directly inspired by @Smiley100P's roleplaying thread, Contracts and Conferences, which is itself inspired by my own Umbra Rumble. To begin, I will make a deimon. The next user to post will create a deimon that can neutralize, defeat, or otherwise counter the previous deimon, and describe how...
  3. Jimothy

    So You Want To Learn Umbrations

    Hey there, champ! It's time for another foray into the realm of half-discovered Exvulnerum lore! On this episode, we'll be compiling information on the nine umbrations! Please comment your own tidbits, and make sure to link them to your source, whether it comes from the forum, comic, or an old...
  4. Avidro

    Umbra Rumble

    Prologue In the land of Cresnov, there are deimons. Taking the shape of animals, each deimon is born of a certain umbra, bestowing it with a unique magic talent. In the land of Amathæ, deimons are scarce. Few humans know they exist, and fewer still know of umbras. You are one of those...