forum game

  1. Avidro

    A Dance of Deimons

    Directly inspired by @Smiley100P's roleplaying thread, Contracts and Conferences, which is itself inspired by my own Umbra Rumble. To begin, I will make a deimon. The next user to post will create a deimon that can neutralize, defeat, or otherwise counter the previous deimon, and describe how...
  2. Zules

    Exvulnerum "This or That"

    It's a "This or That" forum game! One person posts two Exvulnerum-related things, and the poster below picks which one they like more. That same person posts two more things. The things can be characters, pages, locations, chapters, or anything else Exvulnerum related you can think of. If...
  3. SuperStar

    Rate What The User Above You Is Listening To [GAME]

    Simple game, poster posts a link to what music they're listening to, the next poster rates it on a scale of 1-10/10 scale, and maybe they comment on it, they don't have to though. I'll start.
  4. Avidro

    Exvulnerum Scavenger Hunt

    Here's how this thing's gonna go down: Person A asks everybody to find someone or something in the existing panels of Exvulnerum. Person B racks their brain trying to remember where they saw that and has a mini-freakout. Person C proudly posts a hyperlink to the page in question (or one of...
  5. Avidro

    A Thread for Haiku / Let your inspiration flow / Pomeranians

    The rules are simple Only haiku are allowed Let us now converse