1. Zules

    How to draw Amber in 4 Easy Steps!

    It's not that hard, but let me know if you need help!
  2. Zules

    low effort art

    Don't try hard. Just post.
  3. Zules

    How to draw Robin in 4 Easy Steps

    How to draw Robin in 4 Easy Steps Post your results here!
  4. Zules

    Art Tutorials! ✰ Resources! ✰ Tips!

    I notice we have a handful of artists on the forums, so I thought it might be fun to make a thread for sharing free art tutorials and resources. I'll start off with a video that completely informed my understanding of color theory: Feel free to post things you've found useful!
  5. Zules

    Mutation Kitty

    This is Mutation Kitty: She is a very good cat. Her special power is being able to MUTATE her appearance. She thinks it's fun! Each poster picks 1 MUTATION TRAIT to add to Mutation Kitty. The poster below must then add this trait to her either by A) adding to the previous drawing, or B)...
  6. Zules

    How To Draw Evey in 4 Easy Steps

    How To Draw Evey in 4 Easy Steps *Remember to add WEREWOLF FANGS if his teeth are visible!
  7. StickFreeks

    I was peer-pressured into an intro post! :D

    Hi! Zules said I should make an intro post, so here I am! Ahahaha //checks windows for zules :badliar::wellactually: Anyway, I'm Christy and I read Exvulnerum in a crazed binge to find out why Amber had scissors in her mouth before my husband (Knightfall22) did. Turns out it was Mr. Twiney, not...