1. Zules

    24 Hour Comics Day

    Next Saturday is 24 Hour Comics Day, and during a complete lapse of sanity, me and a couple of my webcomicker friends agreed to all participate this year. Here's the dare, and here's the website. I've never done this before, and the thing that scares me most is: which is not how I operate at...
  2. StickFreeks

    I was peer-pressured into an intro post! :D

    Hi! Zules said I should make an intro post, so here I am! Ahahaha //checks windows for zules :badliar::wellactually: Anyway, I'm Christy and I read Exvulnerum in a crazed binge to find out why Amber had scissors in her mouth before my husband (Knightfall22) did. Turns out it was Mr. Twiney, not...