1. Oegyein

    The Animation Station

    Gonna use this thread to give updates on animated videos. Feel free to contribute. Or don't. I'm not a cop. Are you? ARE YOU A COP!? I'd use one of the effort art threads instead, but this particular video is killing me. I was hoping to get it done by Christmas, but it looks like it might be a...
  2. Zules

    art studies ((STUDIOUS VIBE))

    I decided to stop spamming the low effort art thread with my anatomical studies, so here's my new thread feel free to post here whenever you create/sketch/draw something while focusing on any of the technical aspects of art (anatomy, color theory, composition, etc) also, this would be a great...
  3. Zules

    MY FIRST ever comic

    Digitally, at least. I was looking through some old pre-2008 files to scare @Oegyein and I found this which I completely forgot existed. Maybe created in 2006 or 2007??? I have zero memory of creating this.
  4. EstherTb

    EstherTb Paints 9 PAINtings Before Christmas 2020

    So for several reasons I decided to paint everyone in my family a painting this year... To make it easier on myself I'm only giving couples one painting instead of two. My reason to do this is it'll give me a chance to improve my painting skills while providing Christmas gifts. So 9 paintings...
  5. EstherTb

    high effort art

    this is the opposite of the other art thread...don't think, just work hard, and post it
  6. Zules

    low effort art

    Don't try hard. Just post.
  7. EstherTb

    The Esther & Oegyein Dynamic

    @Oegyein that hipster pic made me want to do I ended up staying up late drawing this...
  8. Zules

    Art Fight 2019

    I saw some of y'all were doing Art Fight this year, so I thought it might be fun to have a thread for it! Here was my thread from last year. I don't know if I'm going to be participating this year, but I submitted my request to join team Dream! I had SO much fun last year and made a ton of art...
  9. EstherTb

    DreamSelfy Siggy Dolls By EstherTb

    So about 2-3 years ago when the forum was new, Zules and I did siggy dolls for a lot of people. We closed those threads down so now it's impossible to get a siggy doll through those means. VoidRunner also did siggy dolls but she didn't make them for people. So I figure if somebody wants a siggy...
  10. Zules

    Instagram'd Exvulnerum

    I'm going to experiment a bit with posting Exvulnerum art to Instagram... The fun part about this is that I get to post stuff at a larger resolution than seen in the comic, along with getting artsy with the filters and stuff. I'll post my 'grams here in this thread & I'll also accept...
  11. Zules

    I'm Slowly Amassing Art of Dzuna... joining Art Fight and making her my only character. Here's my profile, but I think you need an account to see. About Art Fight: This is my first time playing, and I got placed on Team Coffee!! ☕☕☕☕☕☕!
  12. Zules

    How to draw Robin in 4 Easy Steps

    How to draw Robin in 4 Easy Steps Post your results here!
  13. Zules

    Art Tutorials! ✰ Resources! ✰ Tips!

    I notice we have a handful of artists on the forums, so I thought it might be fun to make a thread for sharing free art tutorials and resources. I'll start off with a video that completely informed my understanding of color theory: Feel free to post things you've found useful!
  14. Zules

    Mutation Kitty

    This is Mutation Kitty: She is a very good cat. Her special power is being able to MUTATE her appearance. She thinks it's fun! Each poster picks 1 MUTATION TRAIT to add to Mutation Kitty. The poster below must then add this trait to her either by A) adding to the previous drawing, or B)...
  15. Zules

    How To Draw Evey in 4 Easy Steps

    How To Draw Evey in 4 Easy Steps *Remember to add WEREWOLF FANGS if his teeth are visible!