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  1. Smiley100P

    Art Fight 2020

    Well, Zules has now given me the h o n o r of posting an art fight thread this year!! Also I plan to join team Spice
  2. Smiley100P

    Smiley100P (Elliot) vs. Zules (4/17/20-

    As previously stated, I have no clue how balanced this board setup is. One side could be ludicrously broken, idk TBD TBD TBD World World World TBD TBD TBD :ESSENCE: 3Q :CAPRICE: 3Q :COGNIZANCE: 3Q :DUALITY: 3Q :CORPOREALITY: 3Q :VELOCITY: 3Q :RADIANCE...
  3. Smiley100P

    Ever just necropost for an entire forum

    because thats what ya boy elliot is doin
  4. Smiley100P

    I cannot human 2: the amberening

    As you can see, i feel the porportions are of but m e h
  5. Smiley100P

    A thread dedicated to deciphering the siggy dudes stats bc im a nerd and the status post was too short

    So I'm just going to detail what I think of the stats in Siggy Dudes so far: -PL and TLL have to do with combat. Certainly. PL likely stands for POWER LEVEL, but TLL?? -We all know that 10 SR allows one to preform a ritual of either light or darkness, which turns the dude into a two-frame...
  6. Smiley100P

    "I'm upset!!"

    This is like the "I'm excited!!" Thread but with things that upset you recently instead of exciting you. Whether it's something small or big, I really don't care.
  7. Smiley100P

    Exvulnerum TvTropes Page???

    I was wondering if this glorious comic should get its own page on TvTropes seeing yk its like 500+ pages long and has a decent fanbase Ans as a human with a TvTropes account i dont really see why not?? The Administravita does say that Work Pages are a Free Launch. I will go through with and add...
  8. Smiley100P

    Contracts and Confrences- an Umbra Rumble Spinoff

    Arwynn's mind was racing at about three quarters of the speed of light. The catshape deimon had found herself in the same musty room she was summoned from: the unkempt basement of an organization of crime. After having been threatened by a large dog twice her size she ironically felt releived...
  9. Smiley100P

    I entered Amber and Dzuna to the Flight Rising fhg bc i can

    And I used these images for them :creepyamber::dzunawithmouth: Did I ask permission from Zules? No. Do I think I need permission? No. heccles Here's the thread. EDIT: Here's the post itself.
  10. Smiley100P

    Let's make Fiesty Geometry a meme

    So the time has done again Zules, our girl, is much more likely than not going to post a page on April Fools Day- and this year it's going to land on easter. Who has predictions? I in particular think it's going to involve a rabbit-shape Deimon (or just a rabbit). Any thoughts?? Because why...
  11. Smiley100P

    Deimons- An Exvulnerum Roll to Dodge (Prologue)

    the rolls don't discriminate between the sinners and the saints and they take and they take and they take yet we keep rolling anyway we rise and we fall and we break and we make some mistakes and if there's a reason I'm still alive when so many have died I'm willing to wait for it I'm willing...
  12. Smiley100P

    Break The Internet (Net Neutrality Protest)

    Now for the only slice of the forums that will actually be perfectly serious. So, in a nutshell, Net Neutrality is where, well, the Internet is Neutral. And perfect. However, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai doesn't really think so. And while God created him and you should let him be a man all the...
  13. Smiley100P

    On Chrononauts

    Chrononauts is a quirky card game that involves time travel, a relatively diverse cast, and John Lennon becoming surprisingly politically active. You are one of said Time Travelers with a secret identity, along with an equally secret mission to complete. Also, you accidentally wiped your...
  14. Smiley100P

    Smiley "Finally got an Email" Dorax

    (Just came up with that last name lol) So hi It is truly an honor to be with you guys, even though you're all older than me and I probably can't write well. But who knows. I'm getting better quite often. :amberapproves: All said and done... ...I don't know how to begin anything im sorry lol