The co-author of the up and coming Oegyein and Esther Dynamic. I'm totally witty and hilarious.

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I also have a YouTube. It's like a desert landscape or something because there's only a few videos lol.
January 27

Being Alive


The most success for Disqus Dive team out of all of them. In my humble opinion.
The number comes from the legendary streak of the Blaze Blasters @EstherTb and @BleepBloopBeep who collected 619 points and broke the previous game.

This one I used as an avatar after my first long break. I wanted a rebrand, but still...I was using characters from that darn story I've been working on for half a decade. I really liked the fire aesthetic, but orange hair wasn't for 'me'. This one is Thalia. Her role and design are sort of ambiguous now since the story has been rewritten like 5 times....She was in the first 2 versions...Maybe she will get her own thing one day.....maybe.......
I used this character as an avatar back in the day, but she's not 'me'. The name is Shay. I've been working on a story for her since....2018?????? Gosh...feels like yesterday. But her design is WAY different now.
Inktober 2023 Complete:
Because Dzuna rules. Best villain. Best character. West can go make friends somewhere else!